The Main Characters

Miguel Santos

The Ambassador of Human Affairs, and a five-hundred-year-old coven prince, who falls in love with Gwendolyn Rhys. His father is the Lord of the Wayside Coven and a famous artist who met Miguel’s Dowrra mother, Francis, in 1501. She was murdered by her brother after giving birth to a vampire, and this shaped Miguel’s life. He and his father have spent centuries trying to help the Dowrra who live outside convent walls. He is wealthy and powerful but very afraid Gwen will leave him if she learns he is a vampire. He protects her avidly after she Choses him. 

Gwendolyn Rhys

A redheaded waitress who falls in love with Miguel Santos. She doesn’t know he is a vampire or that she is Tatamora Dowrra and has unconsciously Chosen him as her mate. She was born in the town of Silver Springs, which is run by a Dowrra cult. Gwen believes her mother died when she was seven but Maria Chose a vampire mate and left. Gwen's human father then became estranged from the cult, which is why Gwen doesn’t know anything about her heritage. Gwen’s half-sister is Jacqueline Iscariot.  

Charlotte Wells

Was also born in Silver Springs. She is a Nasaru, which is a lower class of Dowrra, who was sent to watch over Gwen in Toronto. She works in a bank, and is Gwen’s obnoxious best friend. She is married to PSA Agent Derek Wells. She knows what Miguel is almost as soon as she meets him, and encourages Gwen’s relationship with him.  

Derek Wells

Was also born in Silver Springs. He is considered Nasaru as are all male members of the Dowrra cult. He came to Toronto to watch over Gwen, and he is married to Charlotte. He works for the PSA, so he recognizes Miguel. At first the two men dislike one another, but they gradually develop a friendship based on mutual respect. 

Ainsley Westin

One of many humans who work for the Tribunal as an agent. He came from London, England originally to work with the Ambassador before Miguel and was highly recommended. He is trained as an assassin, but he also functions as Miguel’s trusted butler. Gwen develops a fondness for his gentlemanly demeanour, but she doesn’t know what he does.

Jonathon Welford

 Gwen’s violent ex-boyfriend with a grudge.

The Lamia

Hudson of the Wendat

A twenty-five-hundred-year-old Etruscan vampire who is the youngest of the Lamia brothers. He is Miguel’s friend, and he agrees to act as Gwen’s bodyguard after Miguel uncovers a photographer taking pictures of her for her ex. His parentage is unknown.

Liam Demetrius

Hudson’s five-thousand-year-old brother, who also protects Gwen when she needs it. He was originally born as Anatolius Liakos of Demeter and was the lover of Aphrodite, who cursed him with insatiable lust. He shares Lordship of the Redemption Coven with his twin but rarely plays an active role. His parentage is unknown.

Tyler Demetrius

Liam’s reclusive twin brother who acts as the primary Lord of the Redemption Coven. He was originally born Thanos Vasilios of Demeter. He is known as a harbinger of death. His parentage is unknown.  

The Destroyer

Possibly an eight-thousand-year-old Sumerian and eldest of the Lamia brothers. Miguel thinks he might be older. He is feared by all the gods and has a reputation for ending civilizations. He is also known as Quinn O’Connor but was born Nirgal Enkara. His parentage is unknown. 


Agent Samuel Benet: Miguel’s human contact, who was supposed to date Gwen but never did. 

Ahren Schmidt: Jacqueline Iscariot’s bodyguard. He sacrifices his life to protect Gwen.

Alexios Kokinos: an unruly four-hundred-year-old vampire from Larissa, Greece, whom Miguel cannot free from PSA prison.

Angjelko: a Macedonian vampire whose castle Miguel and Boerio burned down.

Anthony: one of many humans working for the Tribunal. His widower father was a human aide who was killed in a car crash twenty years ago. Miguel took guardianship of Anthony, and now he is Miguel’s driver.

Arthur Rhys: Gwen’s father whom her mother left for a vampire. He became estranged from the Dowrra cult after they supported his wife’s decision. He secluded Gwen from the cult, which is why she doesn’t know what she is. 

Attula (at-oo-la): an Aegian alien who was entombed by Quinn O’Connor after his people were destroyed. 

Carlton: the doorman at the Royal Alton.

Darius of Gilan: Miguel’s four-hundred-year-old Persian agent. 

Director Donaldson: the head of the PSA.

Dr. Anita Johansson: an anthologist with an obsession with vampires who seeks to unmask them and is killed for it. 

Dr. Michael Turner: Johansson’s colleague in the Ur excavation.

Francis of the House of Habsburg: Miguel’s Dowrra mother. She became pregnant out of wedlock with Gio, and her family sent her to Romsey Abbey. When her brother learned she’d been thrown out and given birth to a vampire, he murdered her. Her death is the reason Miguel became a philanthropist.

Giovanni Jaevus de los Santos (gee-O-van-E / jay-vus): Miguel’s father who is a famous artist. He is the Lord of the Wayside Coven.

Jacqueline Iscariot: Gwen’s younger vampire half-sister who comes to warn her about the PSA. She is nicknamed Jackie. 

James McNeil: a three-hundred-year-old vampire from Barra, Scotland. Miguel steps in while he is accosting Gwen.

Judas Iscariot: Lord of the Aura Coven and Jacqueline’s father. He was the vampire Gwen’s mother Chose.

Luka Menshikov: Miguel’s five-hundred-year-old Russian agent with a twin sister called Natalia.

Mackayla Santos: Miguel’s sister. She has an on and off relationship with Hudson with whom she is still in love.

Madame Rosetta: the designer who dresses Gwen in the red dress for the charity ball. She is also known as la Madame. 

Maria Rhys: Gwen’s mother who left her after Choosing Judas. She is murdered when she comes to warn Gwen about the PSA.

Matthew Dentz: Jacqueline Iscariot’s bodyguard. 

Melisandre Moore: Gwen’s artistic roommate.

Natalia Menshikov: Miguel’s five-hundred-year-old Russian agent with a twin brother called Luka.

Niccolò Boerio: a four-hundred-year-old Italian vampire who is an old friend of Miguel’s. Boerio is a businessman and prominent source of power outside the covens. He was exiled, by Miguel, for trafficking werewolf slaves and dealing with the Dominus. 

Olivia Trolley: the CEO of Trolley Accounting who hires Gwen.

Rosalina Armando: a two-hundred-year-old vampiress from Évora, Portugal, whom Miguel releases from PSA prison.

Sonia: Gwen’s waitress co-worker.

Aegian Crystals (age-E-in): powerful source of magic the gods tried to steal and use against the Destroyer. 

Accords: vampire law signed two hundred years ago. It outlines the relationships, rights, and privileges of all races including humans.

Akaharu (ah-ka-har-oo): ancient Sumerian for “vampire.”

Ambassador of Human Affairs: Miguel is the mediator between the Tribunal and PSA.

Bloodlust: the passionate desire that overcomes vampires when they need to feed.

Bond (The): a biological connection formed between a Dowrra and her Chosen mate.

Chose/Choose: the act of a Dowrra subconsciously forming a bond with a mate. 

Convent: a fortified community of Dowrra. 

Coven: a group of vampires living together under a coven lord.

Cult: the followers of a particular religion. The Dowrra worship Inanna, so they are her cult. 

Donor: a human who is licenced to partake of vampire lifestyle despite the risks. 

Halfway House: a place where vampires can be reintegrated into society after time spent imprisoned. 

Hul Gil: an opium tea still ingested by some Donors to make the bite of a vampire less painful. 

Matrons: the elderly council overseeing a Dowrra convent.

Nasaru (nas-are-oo): the lower class of Dowrra. They can no longer form the bond with a vampire. 

Neutral Zones: areas where no coven presides. They are almost entirely without law and order. 

Sanguinem furoris: “blood madness” resulting from humans consuming vampire blood. They often do this under the illusion it will make them immortal, but it slowly poisons them. 

Summons: a meeting of all the coven lords.

Syphoning: is the act of taking energy from another living creature. There are many ways it can be done. Empaths feed on emotional energy while incubus feed on sexual energy.

Tatamora (tata-more-a): the upper class of Dowrra who can still trace their lineage back to Inanna. They can form the bond with a vampire. 

Venom: erotic brand used by unmated Dowrra to stimulate sex drives 

Aegian (age-E-in): aliens who founded Atlantis. They have human ancestors called E\empaths. Plural: Aegiani.


Angeli Mortis (an-gel-E more-tis): vampire-like creatures which were originally created by the Church with the use of vampire and empath DNA. They feed on vampires, and they almost drove the species to extinction a thousand years ago. They were defeated.

Dowrra (d-ow-rr-a): women who have the ability to bond to a Chosen mate. Most often they Chose vampires, but they can also bond with werewolves or Aegiani. They trace their lineage back to the goddess Inanna, whom they worship. 

Dragons: shifters who can take the shape of a human or dragon. They upset the Destroyer and had to flee this world. 

Empaths: human descendants of the Aegian aliens with empathic powers. They were used by the Church to create the Angeli Mortis, and vampires hunted them all down. Not many of them remain. 

Murhyaeli (mur-rail-E): a type of dragon shifter. There are five.

Ulfur Wolf: a Viking werewolf.

Vampires: a predator which feeds on humans. They were almost driven to extinction by the Angeli Mortis during the crusade of the Church to eradicate nonhumans. They are the unofficial rulers of the paranormal world and mediate between nonhumans and humans via the Ambassador. 

Werewolves: shifters who can take the form of a wolf. There are many kinds.

Aegea (a-gee-a): the world from which the Aegian aliens originated. 

Annual Toledo Charity Ball: Miguel’s charity event at which Jon nearly drags Gwen into the street. Miguel purchases La Dame en Rouge

Atlantis: an advanced civilization destroyed by Quinn O’Connor.

Diner (The): where Gwen works as a waitress and meets Miguel. 

Highberry Park: an estate owned by the Wayside Coven on which Miguel built a halfway house. 

King’s Court Steak House (The): a restaurant owned by Boerio which is famous for its medieval embellishments. Miguel takes Gwen there for the Wells’ anniversary. 

Madame Rosetta’s Boutique: la Madame’s designer shop.

NTM: The National Toronto Museum where Miguel takes Gwen on their first date. Gwen learns about vampires and the Dowrra.

Palazzo di Giustiniani: another establishment owned by Boerio where Gwen and Miguel go to the masquerade ball.

Redemption Coven: the coven of which Liam and Tyler share lordship.

Royal Alton (The): the lavish hotel where Miguel resides in the presidential suite.

Silver Springs: a paranormal little town north of Toronto where Gwen was born. It is run by a Dowrra cult. 

Trolley Accounting: the new company Gwen begins to work for.

Warm Blooded: a vampire nightclub.

Wayside Coven: the coven to which Miguel belongs. His father is the presiding coven lord. 

Welford Accounting: Gwen’s old place of employment from which she was fired after her ex tried to assault her. 

Anu (a-new): the Sumerian King of the Gods. He stopped the feuding between goddess sisters, Ereshkigal and Inanna, by connecting their children together forever. This is the Dowrra bond.

Ereshkigal (er-esh-ki-gal): the Queen of Irkalla, the Sumerian Underworld. She is Lilith’s mother. 

Inanna (in-an-na): Goddess of Love and the Mother of the Dowrra. She cursed Lilith to make her infertile.

Lilith: Ereshkigal’s daughter whom Inanna cursed infertile. She is credited as the mother of vampires although it was her brothers from whom the race truly descended. Her curse is the reason vampiresses are still infertile. 

Church (The): the Catholic Church became a platform from which the Iscariot humans targeted vampires. It waged a holy war on all nonhumans for centuries. The Lamia finally put an end to it after the Church created the Angeli Mortis

Iscariots (The): a family that has been entrenched in a blood feud between the vampire and human halves for centuries. It began with the birth of Judas Iscariot and a subsequent endeavour to kill him. The Iscariot family was wealthy and influential. Many of the men were cardinals and bishops, which brought their family’s war to the doors of the Catholic Church. They funded the creation of the Angeli Mortis. Their family is thought to have been destroyed. 

PSA: The Protection Services Agency is a human bureau for mediating with vampires. They dictate expectations for paranormal behaviour, some of which is enforced by the Ambassador. Miguel finds out they are just the front for a much larger organization that may be gearing up for war.

Tribunal: a council of vampires that make all the decisions regarding breeches of the Accords. They also interpret the Accords and dispense Orders of execution, exile, or pardon for all nonhumans.