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About the Author

The Early Years

A.A. Gordon grew up in Markdale, Ontario the eldest of six children. There wasn't a lot of room in the farm house where she was raised, so she spent most of her time building snow forts, playing tag in corn fields and occasionally getting a little lost in the forest. 

From an early age, she had quite the imagination. Ponds became lakes of lava, and barn beams became treetop havens. She began to write historical romance, and fantasy around the age of eleven. There were a few loyal fans in the early days. They would tell you the first version of The Wayside was a very different story!

Ryerson Univerity in Toronto

High school finished. A.A. Gordon decided to stick close to home and started to work as a dental receptionist. A couple of years later, after a toxic relationship, she began toying with the idea of publishing. 

"My stepmother always told me I should be a teacher. 'You make history interesting and that's saying a lot!' she'd say. But it wasn't enough that I decided to go to university. I moved downtown Toronto!"

It seemed like a terrible idea and she wanted to go home after the first night. She'd missed orientation because of work and she was afraid she wouldn't meet anyone she could connect with. 

Luckily she decided to stay, and she met some of her best friends. What had initially been the most terrifying decision of her life, quickly became one of the best she'd ever made. She even stay in residence during her second and third years to become a Residence Assistant. 

A.A. Gordon was taking English, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, and language studies. All of this fueled her imagination, and significantly helped to further shape the world she was beginning to visualize in her writing. 


A.A. Gordon moved home after university, and started working again. It was during that time she met her partner, Daniel.

They moved into their first apartment together in Port Elgin, Ontario, a popular tourist destination. The main street was lined with patios in the summer, and the beach was a five minute walk away. A year later, they bought their first home in Southampton, about a five minute drive from Port Elgin. It was quieter but still a five minute walk from the beach.

A.A. Gordon was still writing, and she began thinking about publishing again. She even submitted some query letters but nothing came back. She decided that if no one was going to make her dream a reality, she was going to have to do it herself. She discovered Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing which allowed her to get her books into reader's hands. Eventually, this would lead to the formation of RUNEFIRE PUBLICATIONS. 

And the rest is in the books... 

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