The Dowrra Series

The Wayside

The Wayside, by A.A. Gordon, is the first book of The Dowrra Series. It’s a vampire romance / erotica.

A thousand years ago, the Angeli Mortis hunted vampires to the edge of extinction. This old enemy has since been thought defeated, and an alliance brokered with the human government, but relations are not always friendly between predator and prey.

Miguel Santos is a five-hundred-year-old coven prince and the Ambassador of Human Affairs. He’s finally found his Dowrra mate, but like most of the human public, she knows nothing of the paranormal world he enforces. Now, he must protect her, not just from her violent ex-boyfriend, but from the reawakening of an old enemy threatening his people... all without revealing his own vicious nature to his new mate. When she inevitably learns the truth about him, he’s terrified she’ll run.

Gwendolyn Rhys is desperately trying to make ends meet as a waitress after being fired from Welford Accounting when she broke up with the CEO’s abusive son. That’s when Miguel Santos, a multi-billionaire philanthropist, walks into the restaurant and changes everything. Gwen doesn’t know she’s Dowrra, a female descendent of the Sumerian goddess of love, who is destined to bond with a vampire. She doesn’t know there’s a war brewing between the human and paranormal worlds. All she knows is there’s a darkness surrounding Miguel that's so easy to ignore when he awakens her heart… and her body… in ways she’s never known before.

The Angeli Mortis will not stop until they have eradicated not only the vampire, but the Dowrra who consort with them as well.


Bloodline, by A.A. Gordon, is the second book of The Dowrra Series. It’s a fey / faerie romance novel about Atlantis.

Two thousand years ago, Atlantis was consumed by the wrath of the Destroyer and sank into the ocean. 

After being forced to watch his civilization destroyed, Attula of Aegea was entombed in stone. When prophesy foretold of a woman who would awaken him, the Lamia hunted all Atlantean descendants to prevent it. 

That woman is Serena Taylor, an empathic Dowrra, who teams up with Cian O'Duinn: a sexy but secretive stranger with his own demons and his own war to fight. He will not tell Serena what he is or why he wants revenge on the Destroyer and she does not trust him. 

The Iscariot feud has been passed down since the human ancestors first created the Angeli Mortis to kill their vampire brethren. If Agent Isaac Iscariot can get Attula's blood, he can recreate his family's inglorious work. 

When Attula awakens, he knows that he will be a perfect stranger to Serena. He must gain her trust before she uncovers the truth. She is not only the who will awaken him. Her love is also the reason he was cursed.

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Redemption Atonement and Absolution are book three and four of A.A. Gordon ‘s The Dowrra Series. Vampire werewolf romance / erotica

Coming Soon!

Five thousand years ago, Thanos and Anatolius of Demeter were immortally bound together so they could never die...

Tyler Demetrius has since served as a tool for both desire and destruction. There is so much innocent blood on his hands that redemption seems impossible before he imprisons Ivana O'Neil. The werewolf beta does not expect there could be more to her captor than his reputation as the harbinger of death.

Liam Demetrius has also been an object of desire all his life which has left him terribly jaded. When Josephina Iscariot is tricked into Choosing him for her mate, she never anticipated actually falling for the lover of Aphrodite. 

The Angeli Mortis have been recreated and they will be stronger than ever but Hudson's gifts of foresight have revealed an even greater threat...

The awakening of the Destroyer...


Wolfsbane is The fifth book of A.A. Gordon The Dowrra Series. A vampire and werewolf romance

Coming Soon!

Isabella Marietta Garcia is a six-hundred-year-old vampiress known as the Iron Maiden. She's been a mercenary all her life. When her client is attacked by werewolves, she offers herself up as a hostage. She never expected to fall in love with a werewolf, or become involved in a war that is not her own.

Morgan O'Neil is the future alpha of his pack, and he's lost so much to vampires, he'd can't stand the sight of them. Now, he must rely on Isabella to help get his sister back, and protect his pack from the ulvjegere.

The wolf-hunters, known as the Dominus, are vampire elitists who have been hunting werewolvers a long time. Anton Moretti is not about to let Isabella get in his way.

The fight for their freedom will test more than just the unlikely love affair between a vampire and a werewolf. 

It might claim their lives...


Incubus is the sixth and final book of A.A. Gordon The Dowrra Series. The Destroyer awakens.

Coming Soon...

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Elemental Trilogy by A.A. Gordon coming soon. Cian O’Duinn awakens the Fey Queen.

Book One in the Elemental Series


Corporeal is the second book of The Elemental Trilogy coming soon by A.A. Gordon. The book is about Cian O’Duinn awakening the Fey Queen

Book Two in the Elemental Series


Ethereal is the third and final book of the Elemental Trilogy coming soon by A.A. Gordon. It’s about Cian O’Duinn awakening the Fey Queen

Book Three in the Elemental Series